About us

Solid expertise & experience

Assistance in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products

Our service offerings

Based on our outstanding experience we offer to our clients the optimized development of a dosage form for Your ingredient, the implementation and optimization of Your manufacturing process, the testing of new and innovative technologies or alternatively the consulting to comply with cGMP in products, manufacturing processes or Drug Delivery Technologies.

Your advantages

  • As a young company we are working very flexible, focused on your project and in compliance with your specific requirements
  • Review of the complete manufacturing process starting from the ingredient to the finished dosage form in compliance with the new FDA approach “Quality built into the process”
  • IPhaTec has a specialised partnering network to use the relevant experienced partners to solve your request in an experienced team
  • GMP and commercial production aspects will be considered during the design of a process or technology
  • Innovative solutions for Your problem

who we are

Your competent partner for pharmaceutical development and production. We deliver flexible solutions for your pharmaceutical challenges.


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